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Fight Like a Girl - Fiercely Cute Designs
Choose a Fierce Girl and I'll make her cute. =]

Can change fonts and background colors if you want.

One of the premises of making something strong is to give it notice and give it strength. Not all the characters on this list are by themselves good representations of women and I know that. I’m well aware of the issues with MK’s costume design, for example, and I know how in most of these girls we have serious problems with objectification. Nevertheless, they are strong characters, with stories, back stories and personalities, escaping the damsel in distress trope that haunt us.

We need and deserve better game representation, but in a male oriented game world, these girls are constantly opening doors and we do get to see some progress. In the new MKX they've heard our complaints and tried to do something different with the girls. Sonya is no more a military person who wear gym clothes or a terrible military bra (like in the MK9) she wears uniform. We have Jacqui Briggs and Cassie Cage as main characters (when you play the story mode) and they have tactical gear. Kitana was a letdown (damn that weird pants) but I only play as her using the Jingu alternate skin, which is awesome.

It’s a long road, as we still feel the need to explain why these things matter, but times are changing and I’m hopeful that one day that we won’t be needing “Fight Like a Girl Series” but until then, enjoy and keep on giving suggestions to add on the list! =]


- Kitana
- Mileena
- Sonya
- Jade (MK)
- Syndel
- Chun-li
- Cammy
- Jill Valentine
- Claire Redfield 
- Ada Wong
- Leona
- Mai
- Samus
- Kerrigan
- Chell
- Diablo’s Demon Hunter
- Diablo’s Monk
- Diablo’s Wizard
- Diablo’s Barbarian
- Diablo’s Witch Doctor
- Diablo’s Crusader
- Lara Croft
- Gaige
- Phantom Assassin
- Shepard
- Child of Light
- Nilin
- Poison
- Sheik (?)
- Cassie Cage
- Jacqui Briggs
- Midna
- Tyrande
- Nova
- Morrigan
- Final Fantasy (Aerith, Tifa, Lighting, Yuffie, Lulu, Rinoa, Yuna)
- Shao Jun
- Aveline de Grandpré
- Faith Connors
- Evie Frye
- Jade (Beyond Good & Evil)
- Lilith, Maya & maybe the other siren, Athena, Nish, Moxxi - (Borderlands)

- Zero Suit Samus 
- Bayonetta 
- The Boss (Metal Gear)
- Skullgirls (any of them :D)
- Diana, Quinn, Annie, VI (League of Legends)


Fight Like a Girl | Uhura Official StarTrek Tshirt
*Update: I won the contest as ThinkGeek's judges choice and you can now purchase this OFFICIAL Star Trek product online:……

Thank you for all the support and the votes. =]


Please vote for mine design on the Star Trek 50th Anniversary Contest! Just click the link below and rate me 5 stars! =]




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